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Family Yoga: Daddy and Me Workshop

Family Yoga on Father's Day!

Sunday, June 16, 2019; 1:30-3pm
Yoga Pod West Houston 10455 Briar Forrest Dr. #200B Houston, TX 77042

Dads, bring your kids in for some Father's day fun!

Join me for a Daddy & Me Yoga Workshop. This workshop is for the whole family, so feel free to bring other special adults too!

You will learn new some new yoga tools, including kid-friendly postures and the flower-power breath. You will be guided through a practice using imagination, games, and music to enhance learning. After yoga class, there will be a short discussion followed by a craft to complete together.

In this workshop, your children will learn about the foundations of Yoga, including the physical movements and the mental practice of calming the mind. Adults will receive the benefits of stretching, strengthening, and playing with their little Yogis.

The theme of trust will be woven throughout the workshop and we will learn how to relax using our breath and mindful movement techniques. You will make-and-take home an eye pillow for your little yogi's toolbox. 

Investment: $30 per adult. $10 per child. 

Please let us know at registration how many children will attend so that we can have enough materials for everyone little Yogi!

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Mommy & Me Mother's Day Workshop

Investment: $35

Spend this Mother’s Day with your children and learn more about yoga, too! Grandmas and partners are welcome, too--this workshop is suitable for the whole family!

Grown-ups and children (Toddlers and Up) will learn about mindfulness, practice the flower-power breath, and use their imagination to explore yoga poses. There will be games and music, followed by a short discussion and a special craft project to share.

Children will explore the foundations of yoga through physical movement and the mental practice of calming the mind. Their favorite grown-ups will enjoy the benefits of stretching, strengthening, and playing with their little Yogis.

We will focus on the theme of the lotus flower life cycle through our breath, mindful movement, and conclude by making paper flowers.

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Mother's Day Healing Workshop

Investment: $25

For those of us who have lost our mothers or have complicated relationships with them, Mother’s Day can bring up feelings of pain and angst, especially as everyone around us celebrates. If you can relate, we hope you’ll join us at Yogaleena on Friday, May 10, for a yoga, meditation, and journaling workshop to address the mother wound. This 2-hour session will focus on  gentle, fluid poses and pranayama to help relieve anxiety, calm the central nervous system, and release toxic energy caused by trauma. Guided by readings from Thich Nhat Hanh’s “Walking With Your Parents”, we will spend time sharing our own stories of loss/separation, journaling, and learning healthy home rituals to help us maintain a sense of connection, even in grief.

We will have an altar set up to symbolize our unbroken connection with our ancestors, and we ask that you bring an item significant to your relationship with your mother for it. Allow the power of community to heal you this Mother’s Day and join us. 

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to Jan 28

My 2016 retreat: Hawaii Yoga Getaway

Hello! I rang in the 2016 New Year on Oahu practicing yoga and surfing on the North Shore.  We all may have New Year's resolutions, so I wanted to treat myself in 2017 by visiting beautiful lands across the globe while practicing yoga. We have the oceans and mountains thanks to Mother Earth -- who nurtures us with all that is great. I wanted to honor her as I rang in 2017 in the most gorgeous place I've been to in my life. I had a glorious daily yoga practice on the beaches of Oahu (Waikiki and in Kailua) where I did Vinyasa flow on the sand, listening to the calming waves,  glimpsing up at the sun shining down upon my face. The cool wind melted onto my skin as I felt comforted and supported by the sand below. I truly felt refreshed in Hawaii and am grateful to have had this opportunity to share with close friends who live in Kailua. I have since taken this sense of calm off the beach and "off the mat" and have applied it to my daily life routine: to look at the positive and be grateful for the life I've been given in this particular time and space. Most recently, I am grateful, especially, for the exponential enlightened humans who have taken to the streets to speak their minds, calling for a just society that does not discriminate based on gender, race, religion, or ideological views. We must come together right now as bigotry, misogyny, and phobias permeate the airwaves and blogosphere and fight for basic human rights for all!  Yoga is an ideal calming practice that harnesses these shared human values and principles in that its message is that we are all one, connected, and in this world as warriors of peace. If you are interested in planning a Hawaii yoga getaway with me, please contact me for details. 

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to Mar 17

My 2017 India Odyssey Retreat

On March 12th's full moon, I returned from south India's southern state of Kerala for an 18-day yoga retreat.  The Ayurvedic retreat center is in the Udayagiri mountains, a region near elephant and tiger reserves and naturally beautiful. It was an incredible journey into the jungles where I not only experienced a deep body/mind/spirit restoration but I also learned the Indian martial art Kalari from a local martial artist. I learned all about my Dosha, or Ayurveda's inner constitution, and that of my fellow yogis  on retreat. Everyday, I practiced yoga doing sun salutations as the sun rose from 6-7:30 am and in the evening just before dinner from 4-5 pm. It was a rejuvenating experience and I learned that in Ayurveda, it is important to exercise to get your heart rate up to lose weight as well as to eat only during daylight hours. Both have been life-changing habits that I continue to try to put in place in my daily routine. I also stuck with a plant-based diet and have not had any coffee or caffeine since I returned to New York. These healthy habits and my Dosha-specific diet and treatments are going to stay with me forever and I would love to share healthy habit tips, self-care treatments, and more of my journey when we meet to practice yoga! Namaste.

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