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My 2016 retreat: Hawaii Yoga Getaway

Hello! I rang in the 2016 New Year on Oahu practicing yoga and surfing on the North Shore.  We all may have New Year's resolutions, so I wanted to treat myself in 2017 by visiting beautiful lands across the globe while practicing yoga. We have the oceans and mountains thanks to Mother Earth -- who nurtures us with all that is great. I wanted to honor her as I rang in 2017 in the most gorgeous place I've been to in my life. I had a glorious daily yoga practice on the beaches of Oahu (Waikiki and in Kailua) where I did Vinyasa flow on the sand, listening to the calming waves,  glimpsing up at the sun shining down upon my face. The cool wind melted onto my skin as I felt comforted and supported by the sand below. I truly felt refreshed in Hawaii and am grateful to have had this opportunity to share with close friends who live in Kailua. I have since taken this sense of calm off the beach and "off the mat" and have applied it to my daily life routine: to look at the positive and be grateful for the life I've been given in this particular time and space. Most recently, I am grateful, especially, for the exponential enlightened humans who have taken to the streets to speak their minds, calling for a just society that does not discriminate based on gender, race, religion, or ideological views. We must come together right now as bigotry, misogyny, and phobias permeate the airwaves and blogosphere and fight for basic human rights for all!  Yoga is an ideal calming practice that harnesses these shared human values and principles in that its message is that we are all one, connected, and in this world as warriors of peace. If you are interested in planning a Hawaii yoga getaway with me, please contact me for details.