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My 2017 India Odyssey Retreat

On March 12th's full moon, I returned from south India's southern state of Kerala for an 18-day yoga retreat.  The Ayurvedic retreat center is in the Udayagiri mountains, a region near elephant and tiger reserves and naturally beautiful. It was an incredible journey into the jungles where I not only experienced a deep body/mind/spirit restoration but I also learned the Indian martial art Kalari from a local martial artist. I learned all about my Dosha, or Ayurveda's inner constitution, and that of my fellow yogis  on retreat. Everyday, I practiced yoga doing sun salutations as the sun rose from 6-7:30 am and in the evening just before dinner from 4-5 pm. It was a rejuvenating experience and I learned that in Ayurveda, it is important to exercise to get your heart rate up to lose weight as well as to eat only during daylight hours. Both have been life-changing habits that I continue to try to put in place in my daily routine. I also stuck with a plant-based diet and have not had any coffee or caffeine since I returned to New York. These healthy habits and my Dosha-specific diet and treatments are going to stay with me forever and I would love to share healthy habit tips, self-care treatments, and more of my journey when we meet to practice yoga! Namaste.

Later Event: May 13
Alternative Mother's Day Workshop